Friday, April 21, 2006

Game Night

It's the 3rd Friday of the month and that means Game Night at church. We try to go most months, even though most of the time M and A are the only kids there. But they both enjoy playing dominoes (the typical game - at least when no other kids are there), and can hold their own against the adults.
Here A is having fun playing.

As A has grown up, he has fewer problems with the adults trying to 'help' him play. A is quite competent to play Mexican train dominoes by himself - he's been playing since just before he turned 4, but some of the adults seem to think that he must need help. I'm not saying he doesn't make mistakes, but not appreciably more than the rest of us do.
M played for a while, but then decided he would rather read his book.

He took one book (one of the Narnia series) with him and then found 2 other interesting books in the church library - Wizard of Oz and a collection of fairy tales. I'm glad to see that he is willing to revisit some books that he earlier was not interested in. He stated, vociforously, as recently as several months ago, that he was NOT interested in Wizard of Oz or Narnia. Since I happen to think that they are both good series - I particulary loved Wizard of Oz books as a child - I was pleased that he is willing to try them. I realize thet M will not like all the books I liked as a child, but I hate to see him reject books without giving them a chance.


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