Sunday, April 30, 2006

Project finished - a day early!

M has a project due on Tuesday on an artist. He chose M. C. Escher. He has known about the project for at least a month and had done bits and pieces before this weekend. But it didn't really amount to much. D and I looked at it and saw that most of his "20 interesting bits of information" were either repetitive or plagarised. Oops. Had big discussions over plagarism. Emailed teacher to confirm that no, copying information is not acceptable. M says other kids do it and no one complains. Sorry, but I'm not other kid's parent. I complain! So, over the past week, he slowly rewrote the info. very, very slowly. Some of it still doesn't particularly sounds like it is in M's words, but at least it isn't in the internet's words now either.
Yesterday and today he started finding pictures to print out. He printed out pictures. He did more editing. He had things laid out on his poster board, so finally I said he could go out and play. I wanted this thing DONE today, so it wasn't hanging over his head along with regular homework tomorrow. Near dinner time, M and his friend S came in and M wanted S to stay for dinner. No can do - we're having leftover hamburgers and I only have 4. Plus, he still had that pasting to do. So then, he wanted to eat at S's house. But S's mom has no idea what she is having for dinner.* While the mom and I were discussing the possibilities, M decided that if he hurried and finished his project that I would have to let him go. So he and S slapped the project together - and yes, it looked slapped together. They used glue - which wrinkled the paper and made some of the type bleed. They didn't bother to line up any of the papers, so it looked rather mismash. All-in-all a poor job. D and I declared that no, this wasn't going to pass muster. M had to reprint the pages and tape them on to a fresh piece of poster board. It looks SO much nicer when its not slapped together in 10 minutes. I'll try to get a photo tomorrow.

* Oh, and M decided that he didn't even want to have dinner with S when mom finally decided and told him that they were having chicken and noodles. We've promised the kids that they can have dinner together at her place or mine some other day this week.


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