Friday, May 05, 2006

Field Trip Pictures

Thursday was first grade field trip day. We went to Noah's Ark Animal Refuge to see the animals and have a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful day - we arrived around 10:30 and found (well, maybe the organizing teacher knew, but the rest of us didn't) that we couldn't go see the animals until noon. Luckily the teacher had brought balls, jump ropes and frisbees so the kids ran around and had fun. Then we had lunch.

After a trip past the restrooms, we took some group photos.

Then the fun began. 2 of the teachers thought we had to wait for everyone to go into the refuge together, but in fact we didn't and the other classes had already gone ahead. Ah well, it helped not bunch up everyone. It was a really cool place - lots of different animals, most in large natural enclosures, but some ranging free, like the llamas, pigs and deer (not completely free-range, there were fenced in, but in the same enormous fenced in area that we were walking through.

I was amazed that the kids could get this close to this huge pig.

The kids were very excited to find several nests with eggs in them. Here is one that was under a bridge.

We also found nests in 2 different hollow trees. One of the trees also had a bird in the hollow! - who seemed not to mind that kids were sticking their faces in there and checking her out.


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