Tuesday, May 02, 2006

a new map at school

I got a newsletter from the kids school yesterday. It's kind of nice - they send them out via e-mail about once a week, giving us important dates coming up, etc. As well as other interesting news:
"Next school year be sure and check out the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project that will be done this summer. The Boy Scouts will be painting a mural of the United States on the blacktop to assist with academic activities. The mural will be 16 feet by 27 feet and will include the states and their capitals."
Sounds pretty cool. We saw one last year at a different school and the kids had fun trying to jump from state to state. M was trying to get a feel for how big the mural would be.

M - Would it be to here?
me - No
M - moving closer, to here?
me - No, further than that. (I lay down) - see that's only about 5 1/2 feet.
M (lying down, his feet at my head) - how about now?
me - No, you're about 4.5 feet. What's the total now?
M - umm, 10 feet
me - yes, and there's a bit more here - the DR is about 13 feet.

So then we got out the tape measure and determined that the mural will be just slightly wider than the LR and from one end of the LR to the mid-point of the DR table. Wow, that's big.
When D came home, he knew about the project and said one of his students is the one who will be organizing it. As I suspected, the boy went to our school when he was in elementary, and in fact lives in the neighborhood.
M is disappointed that he won't get to play on the map, since it will be on the "little kids playground". I promised that we would go over sometime over the summer to play on it. I'm rather hoping that the teacher will take them out there as part of a Social Studies lesson sometimes too.


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