Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Swim Meet

We had another meet tonight - our first against a team larger than ours. It was a LONG meet, with so many swimmers and only 4 lanes to swim in. Their pool actually has 6 lanes, but the 2 outside lanes have stairs protruding into them, so they can't use those lanes for racing. We had numerous events where they ran 4 or 5 heats - up to 18 swimmers in one event, like 9/10 boys 25 yd freestyle. In most meets we have an occasional event that will have 3 heats, but most have 2 at most. It was after 9:30 by the time we were done tonight.

I was pleasantly surprised by the score; it was a closer meet than I would have guessed. We lost 330 to 280, but given that they had almost twice as many swimmers there (and a bunch of really good swimmers), I had not expected it to be that close.

Both kids swam freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke. M didn't complain about swimming back tonight. I think he's finally realized that he needs to swim 3 individual events. It looked pretty good too. His breast looked nice also. I didn't see anything wrong - I hope he didn't DQ tonight.

A's breast also looked better, but still not correct. It looks like he's getting much closer though.

They'll find out tomorrow how they did. I'll probably find out before they do, as I'll likely be labeling ribbons in the morning while they are practicing.

Oh, and while we were out swimming, Rice beat Miami 3-2 to continue at the College World Series. Go RICE!! Miami will play Oregon State tomorrow. Then on Wed, Rice will play the winner of that game.


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