Friday, June 16, 2006


At swim practice this morning, the kids picked up their ribbons. M had a best time for butterfly and for IM. That means that he did NOT DQ. Amazing! He was sure he had (I thought maybe he hadn't). He still hates butterfly, but he CAN do it. I wonder whether the coach will now put him in the medly relay doing fly??? Unfortunately, M did DQ in breast stroke. Hmmm. Doing the scissor kick instead of a frog kick. He needs to fix that as he loves breast and is fairly competitive at it.

A got a best time in backstroke, cutting about a half second off his time. He was happy about that. He took his DQ's in butterfly and breast completely in stride.

Then it was time to sign up for events for Monday's meet. Long free isn't an event on Monday, so M had to choose another event to go with breast and free. I suggested he could do fly or IM, but he quickly chose backstroke. All of a sudden, its less threatening than it was on Monday night.


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