Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pentathalon swim meet

Tonight was officially a bye night on our swim team schedule, but our team scheduled a "pentathalon meet" - where each kid could swim every event, instead of the usual limit of 3 individual events. The idea was to get all the kids to try all the strokes and see how they would do - in meet conditions. ie, they were racing other kids and the stroke/turn judge was watching to see if they were doing the stroke correctly. Last year M didn't want to try to do butterfly and the coach let him out of it. This year, she basically told all of them that they needed to try. So, M tried. And he did fairly well. I didn't see any big huge obvious reasons to DQ on butterfly, but he might have. He also did the IM (individual medley), where he had to swim 4 lengths, one of each stroke. It is a long, tiring event, but HE DID IT! Yeah!

A even tried the butterfly. His was not so correct-looking, but he made it all the way down the length of the pool, so in that way it was a success. Way to go A.

At the end of the meet, they tallied up total times for all the kids and announced winners in each age group, sort of like the pentathalon in track.

While they were tallying times, they had a parent vs coach relay. D and I both swam in the parent relays. D had signed me up and I really saw no reason not to swim, though many parents weren't willing. Only thing - our kids didn't bother to watch us swim! What?? I had thought that they wanted to see how we would do. One of M's friend's didn't really believe that his mom and I were really going to swim.


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