Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kitchen and Outdoor Plumbing work

The handymen came back today and did some more stuff. They changed out the switchplates and outlets over the countertops for white ones - and we have 3 GFI's now (the other outlets are on the same circuit as another GFI).

They also put up the new light over the sink. Hoorah. No more doing dishes in the dim anymore - hmm, I guess I don't have any excuses for dirty dishes after dinner now...

You can't really see the extra lighting, but believe me, its there. You can see, however, that they installed tile up the side of the window - those are small bits of tile. I think it looks nicer than paint would have (and its DONE. NOW.) There are even smaller pieces of tile under the window (you can see that a little in the first picture). There was a LOT of tile cutting going on!

The big thing they accomplished today was (dah, dah, dum...) replacing the polybutylene (aka leaky blue plastic) pipe running from the meter to the house. We've been seeing neighbor after neighbor have theirs replaced in the last year or two and figured our time was coming. We wanted to get ours replaced before we got a multi-thousand dollar water bill (like one friend). I figured it was leaking when I noticed our water bill creeping up. Luckily we got it before it was a crisis. Ours had a slow leak, but hadn't geysered yet.... When they dug up the end near the meter, they had a very small geyser, right before they shut off the water - evidently removing the dirt allowed the water to spurt a bit.

They cut about 4" of the driveway to bury the new pipe. They said that they could have bored under the driveway but it would be 1. more expensive and 2. possibly undermine the driveway. The new pipe is all in and working but they couldn't pour new concrete today as it was dripping (and threatening to pour) most of the day. They are supposed to come back on Monday (after a short vacation for them) to finish up various things - pouring concrete, caulking, installing the stove hood, installing electricity on the island. It is nice to have this much done already and it will be even nicer to have all these things done.


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