Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yeah Rice!

Rice 6, UGA 4 What more do I need to say?

A and I wore our Rice shirts and I found a pom-pom (from a long-ago Rice-LSU football game, which did not have nearly the desired outcome). We periodically switched over to watch USA-Italy play soccer (also a good game). The 7th inning was quite something to see. Rice was up 2-0 at the end of the 6th. Then UGA scored 4, chasing our starting pitcher (who had been pitching a no-hitter). At the middle of the 7th it was then 4-2 for UGA. Then in the bottom of the inning Rice bounced back with 4 of their own runs to make it 6-4 Rice. I had read that UGA's set-up and closer were extremely good pitchers with very low ERA, but somehow the Rice batters hit them better than the starting pitcher. Hmm.

It will be interesting to read the stories in the paper in the morning. I imagine we'll get better coverage of this game than of the next. They're playing again Monday night - but I bet we won't get to watch much of that game. Swim meet that night also.

Interesting tidbit - one player managed to get hit by a pitch 3 times tonight. Ouch. He has now been hit by a pitch 22 times this season. Yikes. They commented that he must have a target on his arm.


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