Sunday, June 11, 2006

kitchen tile

We're finally making more progress on the kitchen! D and I had picked out tile over Spring Break, but hadn't gotten it then as we hadn't known how much we needed. Then we had trouble remembering to measure when we had time and were at home. The kitchen has been looking like this for too long:

We found out that one of the swim team dads does tile work and got him and his buddy to come recently. On Friday morning they prepped the wall.

Even just that looked better.
Then on Saturday afternoon, they laid the tile. We're really glad that they suggested staggering the tile. We think it looks really nice.

I can't tell in the pictures if these are before or after they grouted the tile, but they came and did that this afternoon. Tomorrow they will come and caulk as needed. I think they are going to re-install the hood too. It turns out that our friend is a licensed electrician and his buddy is a licensed plumber, so between them they can do all the various bits of this job. Plus some other odd jobs that we've been needing done.


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