Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blackberries are addictive

No, not the fancy internet devices. Just good old-fashioned wild blackberries. Yumm. A and I went blackberry picking behind his school this morning. There were plenty of ripe berries - and even plenty within his reach. There seem to be 2 different varieties that grow there - one is small and puny and the other has big luscious berries. Guess which ones we picked?

The big ones fill your bucket so much faster. In about 45 minutes, we picked at least a half gallon. Then tonight after dinner, we had a blackberry cobbler. Oh joy, oh bliss. I love cobbler. D made a quick grocery run for vanilla ice cream to go with it. A declared it most delicious, but M didn't even want to try it. Bah. How can he not appreciate it? Oh well, all the more for the rest of us!


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