Thursday, June 22, 2006


We had another swim meet tonight, only the weather was not very cooperative. We got started on time, but in the middle of the medley relays (the second set of events), it started to thunder. OK, everyone out of the water. Start the timer.... but every time it thunders again the clock gets reset. After about a half hour of this and the appearance of lightning, the meet is called. Not to be rescheduled. I don't have much of a life in the summer outside of kids (its debatable if I do the rest of the year, but that's another issue...), so it would have been ok with me to reschedule for Friday night or Sat morning or pretty much whenever.

At least both kids got to swim one event. One of M's classmates didn't end up getting in the pool at all. She was late for warmups and then hadn't been scheduled to swim one of those 2 events.

A swam a 50 yard freestyle, for the first time this year (in a meet). He was slow (the kid in first place finished the race about the same time A made it half-way), but much improved over last year. He went from 2 min 46 sec to 2 min 17 sec. Took off 29 seconds. That's an accomplishment. And even better, from his point of view, he came in 3rd (of 3) so he'll get a nice white 3rd place ribbon as well as his best time ribbon.

M swam breast in a medley relay (where each kid swims a different stroke). M did well, making up a good bit of time and bringing his relay back to neck-and-neck with the other relay. His breast is really improving.

The other disappointment is baseball related - Rice lost tonight. Sigh. 23 consecutive scoreless innings over the last 3 games. They didn't score at all against the Oregon Beavers, in 2 games. So Oregon will go on to play UNC for the College World Series. It was fun to cheer them on - we listened over the internet tonight.


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