Friday, June 30, 2006

Final Swim Meet

Last night was our final swim meet for the season. It was a tough meet between 2 very evenly matched teams. We did finally win, but it was quite in doubt until the announcement. We won 332 to 310.

A is still working on learning to dive:

He also needs to work on getting off the blocks a bit sooner. A didn't have a particularly good meet last night - I don't know why, but he was slower in all 3 events than his best times, by multiple seconds (up to 20 sec slower in one case).

M had a better outing, but still mixed. M did really well on his breast stroke. He beat his best time by almost 2 sec. He just barely missed placing 3rd (out of 6) in his age group. His time was 0.1 sec slower than the 3rd place finisher, 0.25 sec slower than 2nd and less than 1 sec slower than the boy who won. Just a little bit faster would do it - and the easiest place to fix that is probably to dive closer to the surface. He knows he needs to work on the dive, but says its hard. There's always next year... and next year, maybe the dive will matter less, as the 11 and up's do 2 lengths of the pool.

M's long free, on the other hand, was 10 sec slower than his best time.

Here is A with Baby Bob, the Marlin.

They both look pretty happy.


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