Monday, June 26, 2006

The kids have forgotten how to...

... wash their hair. When they "washed" their hair
Friday, they both had rather suspiciously dry hair at the end of the
bath. So, tonight I had to give a refresher course.

1. You must get your hair WET before adding shampoo.
2. You must use enough shampoo to make a LATHER.
3. You must rinse all the shampoo OUT of your hair.

So, last night I had them wash their hair again - under supervision, much to M's disgust. I told them to call me when they had shampoo in their hair, so I could see it. And correct their technique. sigh. A claimed he didn't remember that his hair needed to be wet BEFORE adding shampoo. And they both seemed to think that a tiny dab would do it (nope, that's the right amount for toothpaste - you need more for hair washing).

Just when I thought baths were a matter of saying "go take a bath" and I didn't have to participate... it seems I still need to supervise or at least check.


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