Friday, June 09, 2006

1st swim meet

(edited - I've been trying to get these pictures here for days. Finally I tricked the computer into letting me, but not before I crashed Netscape at least 5 times!)

M is ready to go!

Last night was our first swim meet of the year. The kids were excited. M swam freestyle, long free (2 lengths) and breast stroke. He has obviously improved since last year, even with only 4 days of practice this summer. His breast looks very nice, even without much glide. I thought he had finished 2nd in breast, though when I picked up ribbons this morning, he had a 3rd. M was fine with it though. "I like the white ribbons," he said. It was also a personal best, beating his best time for last year by a good 3 seconds. In freestyle, his times improved even more - he is starting to get the hang of rotary (side) breathing. He took 3 seconds off his 25 yd freestyle also and 16 seconds off his 50 yd freestyle. Wow. We don't have to worry that there is no room for further improvement though, so there should be more personal best ribbons in future meets.
He still is working on his freestyle kick - you can see here that its a bit like he's trying to push the water instead of flutter-kicking:

A has improved since last year also. He got personal bests in freestyle and backstroke, compared to last year. He took about 16 seconds off his 25 yd freestyle - he's doing much better at keeping his face in the water except when breathing. He also got a personal best in breast - the first time he has swum it in a meet (its not an official event for 6 year olds, so he didn't swim it last year). He really should have been disqualified because he didn't have a 2-hand touch at the end, but the stroke & turn judge didn't want to disqualify the little kids for anything but really major. I'll ask the coach to look at A's kick to see if he really is doing it correctly or if he needs to adjust it a bit. M DQ'd almost every time on breast his first year, so I'll be a bit surprised if A's stroke really is correct (pleased, but surprised).
A is also working on his backstroke - he really has to work to keep himself horizontal in the water. Here he is having a bit of trouble with it - not getting his head back.

But by the end of the lap he was doing much better - his head was back and his feet were closer to the surface of the water.

A and his buddies are getting ready for a relay here.


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