Thursday, June 08, 2006

A surprise from camp

When the kids came home from camp yesterday, they dumped their bags on the floor while they went to hang up the wet towels outside. All well and good, but why is the cat so interested in A's bag?

I wondered if it smelled like ham sandwich - the cat had been very interested in the lunch bags one morning when I put them on the floor at the top of the stairs (and then quickly moved them back to the counter).
I dug into the bag and found... a lizard sitting in A's hat!
M picked up the lizard to examine it.

Then he let the lizard examine his book.

Oh, and the most exciting thing at camp yesterday was the army helicopter that came to visit and landed in the baseball field. Big. Loud. Exciting. Way cool for elementary school boys. As we were driving home, NPR mentioned something about a helicopter and A exclaimed "that's the helicopter we saw today!" I think it was a Black Hawk.


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