Monday, July 10, 2006

Journey Behind the Falls

First stop when we got to Niagara Falls was the Journey Behind the Falls. It is on the American side of the border. When you buy your ticket, they give you a raincoat and sandals/water shoes. The kids got sandals and the adults got water shoes. We had all worn our sport sandals, but they said we needed to wear theirs (or you couldn't go all the way along the path). So we changed shoes.

When we got to the bottom of the gorge and onto the walkway, one of the first things we noticed was the number of birds. It turns out that there is a bird sanctuary there also. Some of the birds are very used to people - we got quite close to this bird.

Then as we walked a little way down the boardwalk path, I saw a rainbow in the water. I wasn't at all sure it would come out in the picture. We actually saw several rainbows around the falls.

Here you can see the lines of people heading closer to the falls.

Just after this point I put away the digital camera and got out the waterproof camera we had brought for the trip. It was definitely a good thing to have! As we got closer and closer, we got wetter and wetter! Even with the raincoat they provided, we got soaked from almost the waist down.
The Hurricane Deck was M's favorite part. It is the closest to the falls. They say that it is hurricane force conditions on that deck. Having been on the outskirts of a hurricane, I can believe it. I couldn't see anything up there. I got worried because I had lost track of A. He was up there, but because of the water and wind, I couldn't see him. D found him fairly readily (or maybe A found D).
The whole attraction was amazing. They take down the boardwalk every fall and reassemble it every spring. They say it wouldn't withstand the tons of ice that would accumulate on it otherwise.
I'll try to update this with pictures from the other camera once I get them developed (but that may take a while).


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