Monday, July 10, 2006


D's Aunt L came over for the 4th. We had a good time visiting with her. We were going to take her geocaching in a local park, but it was raining, so we hung out at the house.

It did stop raining later on and we invited any and all to join us for the fireworks, but no one else was up for it. So the 4 of us headed off to see the show. I had fun playing with the camera - its times like these that I really love a digital camera. I took about 80 pictures of the fireworks - probably a good quarter of them were very faint to nothing and about half were so-so, but I got some really nice ones too.
Here's a good shot that M took.

This one is one of my favorites.

Here is leading up to the finale.

And its finale time. Sometimes you're not quite sure if that is the end of the show or not. Well, there was NO mistake this year. It was boom, boom, boomditty, boom, etc. Quite clear, loud and final.


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