Monday, July 10, 2006

Games at the Grandparents

We just got back from a 10 day, roughly 2000 mile vacation, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm going to be posting this in a bunch of posts (to keep the computer from crashing) and to help me segment it.

First off, we went to visit the grandparents in Ohio. One of the first things A said was, "where's the hammock?" So he and Grampa went off to set it up.
D enjoys the hammock.

The next day, D's brother and his wife (Uncle D and Aunt K) showed up. We convinced Uncle D to join us on a geocaching expedition. We did some slipping around on some hills, but did manage to find the caches. We deposited our trailbug into the first cache we located.
M and Uncle D examine the cache.

The kids were quite interested to each find a foreign bill in a cache. Grampa says that they are Nepalese currency.

Later that afternoon we played a game of (very non-regulation) croquet. We had the farm version - there were dips and divots, crabgrass and clover. It made for a very interesting game.
M is ready for his shot.

A is quite disgusted at how his shot turned out.

The balls sometimes rolled very differently than you expected - sometimes WAY past your next wicket, other times barely an inch.

Uncle D had brought Risk (the Lord of the Rings version). He and D introduced M and A to Risk. They declared both kids to be fairly good tactical game players, but veeerrrry slow.

Uncle D has a lot to do with the kids being good game players as he gives them each a cool new game every year for Christmas. We all enjoy playing his games. We took Shadows over Camelot with us and played it twice. M finally got his desire to play it with a "traitor". And he even ended up as the traitor. It's a good thing we hadn't played it that way before as I don't think it would work well with only 4 total people.


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