Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Progress Report time

already! It's hard to believe that the kids have been back at school for 4.5 weeks. But they have and I had to sign progress reports today. A still doesn't get actual grades, so he had a page full of "S"s. Kind of hard to get all excited about "S", but he had a nice comment from the teacher that she "enjoys his problem solving skills". Evidently earlier in the week they were working on doubles, 8+8=16, and A commented that you could just do "8x2=16" They aren't supposed to cover multiplication until at least the end of 2nd grade or possibly 3rd grade.

M got real grades on his progress report, all "A"s, ranging from 93 to 98. He was very pleased with his grades, as was I. Not surprisingly his math grade was on the high end at a 97. M tends to think of himself as better at reading, but he's quite good at math thinking skills also.


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