Monday, September 18, 2006

Family Wedding

Friday night was my cousin R's wedding. I had thought ahead and found a pair of khakis that fit A and, discovering that M had none that fit him, taken him out shopping for a nice pair of khakis. I had tried their jackets on them and found that they fit. All should be well. Right?

Well, Friday afternoon came and I remembered that A's tie (clip-on) had come undone at Easter and I needed to sew it back together. So, I did that. Then I got the kids to get dressed.

Pants - check
shirts - a bit small, but ok
ties - check
belts - oops - M's belt will just barely buckle and isn't long enough to tuck into its keeper
shoes - big oops - both kids say their shoes are tight

So, I go hunting for shoes. I know there should be a larger pair for A (dress shoes hold up well for hand-me-downs) and I find them, but not without a bit of panic. For some reason I had put the shoes into the consignment/donate pile rather than the waiting for A pile. Then for M - bigger problem. I pull down the box of "shoes too big for M" and blessedly there is a pair of loafers there that I had picked up somewhere almost new, but still too big for M. Whew. Kids are dressed.

Interesting note - the shoes M just outgrew are in GREAT shape as I bought them just before Easter and then by Memorial Day he was wearing leather sandals to church all summer, so the shoes have probably only been worn 4 times. Kind of like his tennis shoes (I bought them a little big back in Feb so he would have a spare pair for his trip to London, but he never needed them) - he wore them once or twice a week to school for 7 weeks, then said they were too small. I guess his feet really grew over the summer.

I borrowed a dress from my mom, as I had NO luck finding something Friday (or the last few times I've looked for a new dress). It's especially tough this time of year as it is still warm enough for short sleeves, but all the stuff in the stores is long and very fall/winter styles.

D, of course, had no difficulty getting ready. My 3 guys all look very much alike. Here we are at my aunt's house.

Here is M, as he spent much of the evening - reading on the sofa:

I think he has his shoes on here, though, most of the evening he was in stocking feet.

Here is my cousin, her new husband and the minister:

A had a good time playing with his cousin MB. Actually I think we figured out that they are 3rd cousins, but in my extended family, if someone is your age and not a sibling, they are a cousin. Otherwise they are an aunt or uncle if they are old enough to be your parents.

MB is 5, but just about the same size as A. Don't they look so handsome together!

MB decided he was hot, so he stuck his face in the fountain and tried to get A to do the same.

A didn't want their picture being taken.

A had a wonderful time on the dance floor. He danced with my mom til he tired her out. Then she handed him off to me. We danced to several songs. He really liked Prince's 'Party like its 1999' (or whatever the title really is). He thought that was quite special since he was born in 1999.

After we had danced at least 4 or 5 songs, I begged off to get something to drink, but A was still dancing away. At one point he was evidently even sort of dancing with his cousin C.

I think it was more that all the kids were out there dancing away together.

And, last but not least, here are M, A and MB all trying to catch the garter.

I think A at least got his hands on it at one point, but the photographer (who was also a friend of the bride and groom) ended up with it.

All in all, it was a fun evening, but rather late. We didn't leave until after 11pm and then we had an hour drive home. I was surprised that M fell asleep in the car before A.


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