Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bus Woes

Today was the second time in a week that the bus was late. Very annoying. This morning I was going about my business getting ready for a brunch when the phone rang. My friend asked if the kids had gotten the bus. I assume so, I replied, they're not back here. Just then I saw what looked like a bus coming down the next street over (I could see the bus's lights through the trees). Moments after we got off the phone, I saw the kids heading back up the street - I hollered at them that I saw the bus finally and they high-tailed it back down the street. They caught the bus on its second pass (it has to go past our street, to the cul-de-sac, and turn around). I forgot to ask M how full the bus was this morning or when they got to school.

I guess I need to call transportation and see what's going on. It can really throw a monkey-wrench in the morning to have an unplanned trip to school. At least the school is close now - next year middle school will be much more of a hike. Unfortunately, its also more likely to have late buses, since middle school is the last to start in the morning. Oh well, I'll deal with that next year...


Blogger Carol P. said...

Aiyyeeeee! I can totally relate! E's kindergarten bus is very erratic in its drop-off time. It can vary by 15 minutes.

And worse, they won't drop the kids off unless there's an adult there to meet them. So my sitter or I need to spend random amounts of time sitting by the street waiting for this bus to show up.

One day a week I work for an hour and a half more after E gets off the bus, so I don't bother with a sitter for such a short time. As such, I get to sit at the bus stop with a spec and try to accomplish work stuff while looking up hopefully at any rumbly noise that I hear. Since there's construction at the vacant lot, there's lots of rumbly noise false alarms....

Hope it all gets settled down soon.

11:18 AM  

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