Friday, December 15, 2006

The kids go Christmas shopping

The kids finished their Christmas shopping today. A had made one previous purchase - a joint gift for D and I from Secret Santa at school. Then they shopped my stash (stuff I had picked up knowing it would be good for certain people - can't say anymore because some of them read this).

Next we made a list of everyone they needed a gift for, and off we went to D*llar Tree. We wandered around the store a bit, I pointed out a few things and redirected a bit - so sorry to tell you, but I dissuaded A from buying a ceramic angel for one of the uncles. I just didn't quite think it fit either of you. I'm not exactly sure what M bought - he wandered off, selected his merchandise and bought it - all without me. Tops we were in the store 30 minutes (at least 5 of that in line and another 5 me talking to A's other room mom, who was buying stuff for their party Tuesday). I wish I could do all my Christmas shopping in 30 minutes!

All that shopping must have tired M out. After dinner, we were all reading in the living room. Pounce came and joined M on his lap. Once M finished his book and D and I were busy reading, M drifted off into sleep.

Shadow was sleeping on my lap, all stretched out.


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