Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, green beans (but not in a casserole for a change), yams (baked), mashed potatoes, rice (for M who doesn't like potatoes, mashed or sweet), cranberry sauce, rolls, and gravy.

My mom started serving plates and we passed them around. By the time we'd had grace and then I looked over at M's plate, I had to ask, "how much turkey did you give M?" Two good sized pieces was the answer. They were gone. Vanished. Inhaled. Along with the roll. M then polished off his rice and, more slowly, his frozen (yep, still cold) green beans - all before I finished half the food on my plate. Then he was ready for seconds - more turkey and rolls - and ok, fine, I'll have more rice. I know he had at least 4ths on turkey and rolls.

As soon as they were done (or were told that they couldn't have any more rolls), the kids were clamoring to watch a video. So, finally we shooed them off to the bedroom while we sat for a few minutes, then cleared the table. We'd finished eating around 6 and had friends coming over for dessert at 7, so we had time to get all the dinner dishes taken care of and the food divided up before they arrived. Seven more people arrived for dessert, so then we had a tableful (actually 2 - the dining room table for the adults and the kitchen table for the 4 kids).

I think it was the smallest Thanksgiving gathering I've ever been at - just 5 people. Our family of 4 plus my mom. When I was growing up we usually have Thanksgiving with a bunch of family - my grandmother's brothers and their families - 30 or 40 people was the norm. And there was ALWAYS someone there you didn't know. A relative I'd never met before, a cousin's boyfriend/girlfriend/college roommate, the relative of a relative. We'd often pull out a family tree and have to trace out how people were related - usually something like 2nd cousin, once removed.

So the 12 people total for dessert seemed more like Thanksgivings of my youth. The friends brought a pecan pie (something I've never been brave enough to tackle), while I had made pumpkin pie and apple-ginger-cranberry. All were yummy. When asked what kind of pie I wanted, I said - a little bit of each. Shades of my father. He always had to try them all. And so do I - I had to have the pecan because I never make it, but I like it. I had to try my apple - new recipe. I like it, even without the cinnamon. And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, so I had to have it too. Just a sliver of each, and then - well maybe another sliver of pecan 30 minutes later.


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