Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trader Joe's!

We made the trek to Trader Joe's today - a good 40 miles or so. It took us an hour going and at least an hour and a half coming home, but it was worth it.

The kids weren't so thrilled with the time it took wandering and looking, but they seem pretty pleased with some of the results. We got some Candy Cane Joe-Joes (thanks for the tip, Carol P.), some Chocolate Cats, peppermint bark, and more. We'd taken a cooler so we could get some frozen foods too. The only other time we've been in a TJ's was visiting D's sister 2 years ago in VA, where we had no way to transport anything perishable. D and I, at least, are looking forward to trying the various salmon, stuffed delicacies (salmon, chicken, pork chops), and enchiladas. M is looking forward to the pizza and hoping there isn't enough of all that other frozen stuff for him.

The kids were quite interested in finding the monkey, but at this TJ's, its a stuffed turtle you have to find. No matter, they enjoyed finding the turtle also. Once found, you show it to an employee and get a treat. Then they got to re-hide it. Quite a treat. They wanted to find it again and get more treats, but contented themselves with noticing that it had been moved and then re-finding it for their own enjoyment. They were disappointed, though, to discover that TJ's didn't have any fruit leather. Something about not carrying it here (I wasn't in on that discussion). Oh dear. M really loves their fruit leather and was counting on our stocking up. Last Christmas, my mom had a friend send 3 dozen fruit leathers and it made M's day.

We're also trying out all the varieties of the 2 buck Chuck ($2.99 here) that they had - at that price, if we like it great, if not, I don't feel too bad using it for cooking.

After finishing up all our shopping, we went to a Persian restaurant just down the road. They had quite a nice buffet, which all but M enjoyed. M had a meal of rice and naan - at least he liked their naan. The other 4 of us (my mom joined us for the trip) enjoyed it immensely. I thought the cherry rice perhaps the most interesting.


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