Monday, January 22, 2007

Rock Climbing

M and D's camping trip went quite well. The weather was cooperative and they both had a good time. M says that his favorite activity was the rock climbing. They had to get all their gear on and have an adult belay them and 2 kids spotting.

M on the climbing wall.

This climbing wall was 3 sides of the inside of this building. It even had hand/footholds in the door in the middle of one side.

If you see the blue line across the climbing wall - that is the line for "bouldering" - where they try to go around the room, instead of up the wall. Also, if their feet don't go above the blue line, then they don't need a belayer.

Here are the Scouts around the campfire Sat night.

I think there were a few more Scouts there for the climbing, but not everyone showed up who had signed up.


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