Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain

There is a possibility of ice/freezing rain tonight here. This does not produce nearly the excitement that a possibility of snow does. We haven't had snow in... hmm, 3 years maybe. We had a nasty bit of ice almost exactly 2 years ago - on A's birthday. What a day that was. A's birthday, with a party scheduled and slushy icy rain. We thought about it and decided to have the party anyway. 4 of the 6 guests lived within easy walking distance and one other was willing to drive. We moved all the activites inside and proceeded with a successful party.

Anyway, I was wondering what causes it to snow vs sleet, so I checked Wikipedia and found lots of information, including a definition of sleet:

In Britain, rain mixed with snow; in America, ice pellets formed when snowflakes pass through a layer of warm air, thaw, then refreeze on further descent.

So, I guess that means we have a layer of warmer air above us tonight as the forecast is for sleet and freezing rain, not snow. Yuck. I'd rather have snow any day over sleet/freezing rain. Tomorrow is going to be an icky day with a 60% chance of precipitation and 32 degrees until noon (rising only to 35).


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