Thursday, January 11, 2007


Srevotfel (pronounced shre-vet-vel) was dinner tonight. Wondering what it is? Leftovers, spelled backwards. It's a tradition from my family growing up. In our case, it means dinner is a bit of a pot-luck, with no two dinners the same.

On the menu tonight:
Indian rice with raisins
Red Beans (and Rice)
Italian Sausage/Bratwurst (one of each)
Potato Soup
Baked Yams (or were they Sweet Potatoes?)

We also filled in holes in the menu with other things on hand.

The bits and pieces of leftovers were accumulating faster than I could eat them for lunch, so it was srevotfel for dinner.

M had chicken, half each of both sausages, rice and peas.
A had red beans and rice, half each of both sausages, some yam and naan.
I had some potato soup, red bean and rice, yam and naan.
D had Indian rice and chicken, naan and grapefruit.

I was able to completely empty at least 3 containers and greatly reduce the volume of the rest. I still have plenty for lunch for a few days, though, so that is also nice.


Blogger Carol P. said...

Hey! We're having the same thing, though I call it "Clearing out the 'fridge'!" I like your name better.

8:47 PM  

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