Monday, January 08, 2007

Ice Skating

Our town has a temporary outdoor ice rink for the holidays and we finally decided to go try it out. It's been a LONG time since D or I had been ice skating - maybe 15 years? M went skating last year in London and A had never been.

M is reasonably good on ice skates - he seemed to pick it up a bit quicker than roller skating.

He's not hanging on to me for stability here - more like we're pulling each other along.

A started off either hanging on to the side or onto me.

When he felt unsteady, he would hang on for dear life.

Note how warm it is here - A is in short sleeves, but with mittens in case he falls. The chillers couldn't quite keep up with the warm weather - there were puddles on the ice! Definitely not good if you fell.

But after 30 min or so of skating, he was getting the hang of it.

Click on the button in the middle to see A skating.

Pretty cool, huh. A made it all the way around the rink without falling.

I'm pretty impressed that I managed to get a video uploaded! Let me know if you can see this or not.


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