Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Morning

M and A and cousin B on Christmas morning, ready to dive into Santa's gifts.

Santa wraps his gifts in VA, we discovered, so he wrapped the gifts to M and A also. Evidently by the time he gets to GA he's generally too tired as he's never wrapped his gifts here before. Or maybe its that he wraps gifts if they're small enough... This year they were - M and A both got MP3 players. M was a bit disappointed that it wasn't an IPOD, but he got over it quickly. I'm not sure he knows how his is different from an IPOD (tell the truth, other than the name and the price, I'm not sure what the difference is either).

Here's Grampa with his new fleece hat I made.

Evidently his old one got enough use that it wasn't up to snuff for going to market. I was happy to oblige with a new hat.

Over the years everyone in the family has gotten fleece hats from me. M and A have gotten at least 2 hats each (and may be due new ones in the next year or so due to heads growing).


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