Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The kids got Heelys for Christmas. It was one of the big things that they had asked for.

Unfortunately it was rather dreary on Christmas, so they didn't really get a chance to try them out until the next day.

Here they are trying to get the wheels into the shoes.

And here you can see M trying to get the hang of the Heelys.

It takes a lot longer to get the hang of Heelying than either of the kids had guessed. We were talking to one kid last week who said it took him 5 months to really get it. A has been out practicing with our neighbor and has gotten a bit better - he can roll for short distances now. He says that downhill is easier - I can believe it, sort of like riding a bike. Speaking of which, it's really time to get A back on the bike again for some more practice...


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