Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Speed Stacks

Santa brought the whole family Speed Stacks for Christmas. We had seen them back in September at the Webelos-ree and been fascinated. M and D had a chance to try it then, but A and I did not.

Anyway, we got a set for Christmas and finally got around to opening it up and trying it out tonight.

M went first and he did the best of any of us, to start off with.

Here's M getting started on a 3-6-3

Oops, he knocked on of the cups over - this one won't be his best time.

Then A gave it a try.

We all improved with practice. A knocked his time almost in half! M started out much faster, so didn't knock as much time off, but still improved quite a bit. I started off slower than M, but managed to pull ahead and claim the fastest time currently. Still no where near the record time, though. I'm getting close to their "fast" time of 7 seconds.



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