Monday, March 26, 2007

pictures from Blue and Gold

A's cake:
The theme was green - as in environmentally friendly. D claims that their cake is a successful Superfund cleanup site - brown dirt, green grass with wildflowers. It won "best tasting" in the cake contest. It was and is yummy. Just goes to show that taste is mostly in the frosting. D and A made cream cheese frosting for it, but used a box cake mix.

They had a nice little ceremony, where one boy from each den (except the Tigers) read a bit about the founding of Scouting. A did the honors for the Wolves:

M did the last bit for the Webelos II.

And here are the first place winners for each den for Pinewood Derby. They each got a certificate and a medal.

M was very disappointed not to get his trophy that night. The trophy shop was closed when they went to pick them up on Sat. He will get it in a den meeting later.



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