Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Art Show

The kids school put on an art show at the PTA meeting last night - as a fundraiser (of course). They had the kids draw pictures at some point back in the fall, then the company matted and framed the pictures and sold them to the parents.

M did a very nice picture which he titled "Vine Fish".

The picture looks great. For some reason, several people have thought it was an armadillo - maybe because of the patterns on the fish. Anyway, its a cool picture and it will be rotating between living here with us (M wants it hung over his bed) and with my mom (who bought it).

I was pleased, too, that I was able to figure out how to edit out M's name on the photo - I copied a bit of background from another location on the picture and pasted it over M's name - so if you see a bit where the background coloring seems a bit off, it was me, not M.

A didn't get a chance to do a picture because he missed art for that time period (weeks or months) due to Challenge. Maybe he will do a picture for me here at home that we can have framed. Or, if not, the school will probably do it again next year.



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