Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools

April Fool's Day started here, seemingly, after dinner on the 31st. M had some ideas from a practical joke book.

#1: talcum powder under the door, blown with a hair dryer.
Result - no talcum powder in the house, so he used baking soda. It doesn't make a very good dust cloud evidently, but still spreads far enough that he had a fair amount of bathroom floor to clean.

#2: short sheet A's bed.
Result - He tried to shortsheet using the bottom sheet. A noticed but not really. M had to help me remake the bed.

#3: book under A's pillow
Result- A found it earlier and put book under M's pillow

Then this morning A wanted help to booby-trap the bedroom door. I helped him with it. When M went in, the box fell after M went through, so no success.

Later M wanted to do something with a packet of catsup. No. Too messy.

At bedtime I put a shoe in each of their beds. They each thought the other had done it, but I fessed up.

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