Friday, April 13, 2007

M's birthday party

Finally today arrived. M has been trying to fast forward to tonight all week. His party, finally, after being post-poned due to spring break has arrived.

6 boys (including M), all elevenish. They are loud. They seem much louder and cruder than last years crop of 10 year olds. Maybe its the different mix of kids, maybe its the age. D says this is why he doesn't teach middle school. We had fart jokes and fart noises during dinner. Lovely.... On the other hand, they were much better about taking only as much food & drink as they would eat. Very little food wasted.

Currently they are watching a movie, Flushed Away. I think after that they are planning to watch some Yu gi oh videos M got for his birthday. Actually 4 of them are watching the movie and the other 2 are playing on DS's up here with me.

Why am I so tired tonight, on a night I feel I need to stay up and supervise for a while longer? I was yawning mightily by 8:30. D went to bed about 9:45 - it probably would have been earlier, but A didn't go to bed until then. A was protesting all the way about why did he have to go to bed when M didn't. Not your party kid. At A's party, he got to stay up and I made M go to bed. Just the way things work!

I'm shutting off the internet connection before I go to bed tonight. They're good kids and generally make good decisions, but it would be too easy for someone to go hunting for something inappropriate online.



Blogger scribbit said...

Yea, I don't think leaving on the internet as a temptation is a good idea. Good for you.

2:31 AM  

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