Thursday, April 05, 2007

Busy day

M said he wanted to see A Night at the Museum - he really, really, really wanted to see it. Could we please see it over Spring Break? So we started looking into it. It is only showing at the dollar theatres now. Sounds good & cheap, right. Well....except that there aren't any dollar theatres near us. They are all a good hour away. So we picked the one that was at least near the International Farmers Market and headed off.

The movie was cute. It had some inconsistencies, but overall it was enjoyable.

Then we stopped at an amine store that M had spotted. Oops, it was all anime, ie videos. But they directed us to the manga and comic book store 2 doors down. M got 10 minutes to look around. He found it interesting, but didn't find anything he HAD to get.

Next stop, farmers market. We got some cheese, some naan, and taco seasoning that were on the list. We also got some interesting Indian food to try, some breads, tea for D and other interesting bits and pieces. The kids found various things they wanted, but most of them were standard grocery fare. We were there for the different, unusual or cheap items.

Once we left there it was almost dinnertime, and certain logjam on the roads, so we decided we HAD to eat out. That area is very diverse and has lots of interesting restaurants, so we went randomly hunting. First we tried a Vietnamese place (at least we think it was Vietnamese based on the name), but it turned out to be a bar - no one under 18 allowed, so we kept looking. We found a Mexican restaurant a few doors down in the same strip shopping center and tried it. D initially got a Spanish menu, but the waitress quickly replaced it with an English menu. Or at least the menus were mostly in English, some dishes were still named and described in Spanish and they had one item labeled "chees deep".

A wanted a shrimp and vegetable soup. Luckily the waitress said she could serve him a smaller portion, and even then it was a good size bowl of soup. He was surprised when the shrimp were whole, with heads and all! I know he's never had whole shrimp served to him before. I was pretty surprised when I was served whole shrimp, in New Orleans, after college. A has evidently never even peeled shrimp before, so D (by virtue of sitting next to A) got to help him de-head and peel shrimp. A is probably ready for crawfish now!

M was happy to find that they had a hamburger and fries on the menu. No kids menu, but hamburger and chicken strips were on there. M wanted to know if he could ask for a double cheeseburger. No. We explained that the hamburger would be plenty good sized and not like a McD's burger. Sure enough, it was plenty. We ended up bringing some home.

Then finally back into the car for the hour long trip back home. At least by this point the traffic had all cleared.

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