Saturday, April 07, 2007

Egg Dying

M has been "dying" to dye the Easter eggs all week. He wanted to do them last Saturday. I said no, since hard boiled eggs only last about a week. He claimed we could just dye more eggs later. Um, no. I like dying eggs, but not that much.

He asked again periodically throughout the week. Finally Friday, it was time to dye eggs. I hard boiled a dozen eggs in the morning, then after lunch (special lunch at our new Sonic, since I promised that we would go there sometime over break), we got all the stuff out and proceeded to dye eggs.

I had a dozen eggs my mom had blown (last year, I think) and then M and I blew 7 eggs earlier in the week when we had scrambled eggs. So in total we had 19 eggs to dye.

D and I each dyed a few, but the kids did the rest. They did some solid, dark eggs. Some multi-color eggs. M experimented with "splash eggs", where he dropped the blown egg into the dye and then dropped it into another color and so on. Some eggs turned out rather camoflage looking.

I think both kids were basically satisfied with the number of eggs to dye. We had left a few for D to do when he came home and A came back to do some more when D did his. I think if I'd had more, they would have dyed more.

One year we must have dyed at least 4 dozen, between hard boiled, blown and raw. We don't hide the raw eggs - too easy for them to get broken, but they can be dyed and then used as regular.

One year, I think when M was in first grade (or maybe K), his birthday was VERY near Easter so we had an Easter birthday party. Complete with dying eggs. I hard boiled a dozen eggs per kid (luckily there were only 6 guests) and we had at it. I couldn't believe that only 1 other kid (other than my 2) had ever dyed Easter eggs before. M couldn't believe it either. In his world, that was just something you always did at Easter. They all had a good time and wanted to do more eggs. Nope, sorry, time to go hunt the plastic eggs... And then I sent each kid home with their own hard boiled eggs. I wonder if those kids pestered mom to dye eggs the next year?



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