Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bunny Brunch

Saturday A and I (and my mom) went to the Bunny Brunch at our church. M decided not to go, but to come later for the egg hunt.

Here's A with the bunny cake my mom made. She has a very battered newspaper clipping from 1968 showing how to cut up 2 cake layers to make the bunny. She has been making this cake off and on for almost 40 years now. I had it as a birthday cake at least once as a child. My brother thought it was so neat that he wanted a bunny cake for his birthday (in January) for several years. My mom made him a bunny cake those years.

A was not so big on having his picture made with the Easter bunny. I got lots of shots of him looking odd, like this:

I finally got one that's half-way decent.
They had a bunch of balloons there for some of the games. A found he could generate plenty of static electricity:

Look, no hands!

Here they are doing a relay race, hopping with one balloon in each arm and one between their legs.



Blogger Carol said...

Katherine, the pictures of your brother and especially with the yummy bunny cake was wonderful indeed! I would definitely look forward for such warm pictures.Do visit my site for more birthday details which I've posted.

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