Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summer haircuts

It was finally time to trim the gory locks again. The weather is hot here, and looks like it will be staying that way for at least the next 4 months.

Both the kids were trying to dance around and keep me from taking their picture! Didn't work! hah

We haven't turned on the AC yet, but it will probably be sometime within the next month. I'm hoping to make it into June at least before it needs to go on.

Many if not most people around here have already turned on the AC. One way we stave off the AC is the "window dance". In the evening once it has cooled off, we open up various windows. At bedtime we turn on the attic fan (sometimes called a whole house fan). It pulls cool air in from outside and cools the house down nicely. It usually runs for a couple of hours. Then in the morning after everyone is off to school, I'll turn the fan back on to cool the house down even more. I would turn on the fan as soon as I get up, but the kids complain that then the house is cold, with the breeze blowing over them. I can often get the house down into the upper 60's. Then the fan goes off and the windows get shut, usually by 9 am, to keep in the cool.

In June, when we often would only need the AC for a few hours in mid-afternoon, we can go to the pool to cool off and between wet bodies and being past the heat of the day, we can manage to last another week or so. Anything to delay the high electric bills from the AC.

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