Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Long, hot and less than satisfying meet.

It was a long hot evening at the swim meet.

Both teams are big, so there were multiple heats in almost every event - some events had 4 heats (at least 16 swimmers all competing in the same event). That's a lot.

Did I mention it was hot? and humid too. D and I each went through 4 bottles of water.

The kids didn't have a particularly good night - they were not swimming their best. M especially seemed very tired. He was well off his best times and just looked like he was worn out. Could be from anything - staying up late a lot recently, the hot/humid weather, too many swim meets too close together, waking up last night with a questionable digestive system (though the last doesn't explain why he looked tired last week also). Whatever the reason, he was off.

A looked good in backstroke, but was a bit slower than his best time. And something really messed up his breaststroke. I'm afraid it was my suggestions. I'd told M he should try to glide a bit in breast (and M should), but when A tried to glide, he just s-l-o-w-e-d down - a lot. I hadn't really been trying to tell A to glide - I was trying to get him to follow the coach's instructions to synchronize his stroke (pull, breathe, kick, repeat - not random pulls and kicks). Hopefully A can forget the glide part for now and get his stroke back. I think that breast may end up being A's best stroke as well (as it certainly seems to be for M).

And end result was our team lost the meet - not surprising to the adults, but the kids are ever optomists.

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