Saturday, September 15, 2007

I HATE pantry moths!

We've been fighting them off and on for at least a year. This time, it's gotten really, really bad. I was finding multiple moths on the ceiling of the pantry and sporadically worms as well.

So, I started clearing out the pantry. Removing items, checking them for infestations - opening boxes (but generally not inner packages). I have found moths, coccoons, and worms in the oddest of places - inside a box of vanilla extract, inside a box of tomato paste, inside a box of ziplock baggies, under the bottom of a can of tomatoes. I'm seeing a pattern here - maybe they like to create coccoons in the dark... So, I am checking every single item in the pantry. And then putting them into rubbermaid storage containers.

I went to T*arget this morning and spent $30 on plastic storage containers, so I could group things in slightly smaller and more coherent groupings. Unfortunately, 2 of the containers are cracked and I have to exchange them. But I also think I need a couple more boxes.

This is driving me CRAZY!!! I've spent hours today, wiping, examining, squishing bugs. And there is still stuff in the pantry. I'm hoping to finish emptying the pantry tomorrow and start vacuuming and wiping. That's what Google tells me to do. Oh, and then use more pantry moth traps to monitor. But I don't want to monitor, I want to ELIMINATE them, ALL of them!

What seems the worst is that after starting to clear out the pantry and remove contaminated food, it seems that I am seeing even more moths and worms. Maybe its just that I'm stirring things up, but it doesn't seem to make sense. I did seem to find a mother lode of bugs in some trail mix today, so that went immediately OUT. Not to spend another second in my house. Plus 4 trash bags have gone out today also. I'm sick of this!

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