Sunday, September 23, 2007

Webelos-ree time again

That's right - it was time for the annual Webelos-ree again. Where we all go and camp with the Cub Scouts. Only this year, M is a Boy Scout - and has joined the Troop that puts on the Webelos-ree. So M got to work one of the activities. He thought his activity was the best (most fun) one there.

Here's M blowing up balloons for his "Remember the Alamo Balloon Pop".

Then they attached the balloons to their ankles with rubber bands, dividied the kids into 2 teams and had them run around trying to stomp each others balloons.

The kids all had fun and no one seemed to get upset when their balloons got popped and they were out of the game. And M thought that running that acitvity wasn't too bad. He did say that he got a bad taste in his mouth from blowing up balloons (though many of the adults blew up balloons for the kids in their groups also).

They did tomahawk throwing again this year and A was the only kid is his group to stick his tomahawk in the target. He did way better than I did - I tried 4 times and hit the target each time, but the closest I came was whacking off a chunk of the treelimb framework.

(No, I don't know why this picture is sideways when the balloon picture is properly upright. I may try to fix it, but then again, it may not happen.)

And, of course, we had to have a monkey bridge. The kids love this. They love it enough to spend an hour in line waiting to cross the monkey bridge. Meanwhile the adults were all resting at picnic tables in the shade because it was upper 80s out there with 90% humidity. Hot and sticky!

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