Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More pictures from Webelos-ree

Saturday afternoon we heard that M and some of his friends had been up on top of the adirondack (sp?) shelter in the wee hours of the morning - something like 1:30 or 2am. So it wasn't too much of a surprise to find M sacked out at dinnertime:

He had heard that dinner was going to be chicken stir-fry, so he had loaded up on leftover breakfast food - fruit, bagels and cereal - and then sacked out on his sleeping bag. It turns out that the stir-fry was all in separate bins - one each of chicken, rice, peppers&onions, pineapple - so he could have had just chicken and rice, but by that point he was out cold. It took D several times to wake him up for campfire.

One of the things that they did at campfire was retire old flags. We cut up the flags at our campsite and each den got one flag. A was selected to carry one of the pieces of the Wolves flag:

Then he was selected again to be part of the color guard and take down the flags. I think for this part it was because he was the only Wolf in dress uniform.

They got a quickie lesson from the Boy Scouts on how to be a color guard and they did a good job. Very respectful and careful with the flag. Maybe they should have split up the 2 youngest kids, though - A and a 1st grader were trying to fold a flag. The other flags had 4th and 5th graders handling them.

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