Saturday, November 10, 2007

A's Walk-a-thon

A's school had their walk-a-thon today. Very different from M's school. This one was how many laps of the track could you do in 30 minutes.

They said they expected the average child would be able to do 6-12 laps in 30 minutes. They also said that the track is just shy of 1/4 mile. So I was thinking that 12 laps or almost 3 miles in 30 minutes would be pushing it for elementary kids. Well, either they are wrong on the track length or we have some pretty impressive kids. A walked/ran 14 laps! 14 3/4 if you ask him. I was quite impressed. Especially when I saw that he walked more laps than any of the other kids in his class (though there were only 5 others who walked). There is a prize for the top walker per class, so he should earn that, if he doesn't qualify for one of the top moneymaker prizes (not too likely, but he may decide to try to collect more pledges). He would bankrupt me if I hadn't put a cap on my pledge. You see, I pledged one dollar per lap number - ie
$1 for lap 1
$2 for lap 2 total $3
$3 for lap 3 total $6
This adds up FAST! 14 laps would be $105!!

But I put a cap of $50, so I'm still out quite a bit, but A did a great job. He walked and jogged and ran for 30 minutes straight and completed more laps than almost all the other kids out there. I think there were 2 kids who did 17 laps and one or 2 who did 15 - out of about 40 kids. WAY to go A!

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