Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Project time

A's diorama on the Great Barrier Reef from last week.

This week he has to make a diorama on the black bear and its habitat. Unfortunately we don't have any stuffed black bears - we have a blue bear, a white bear, a light brown bear, a dark brown bear - but NO black bear. Or rather, we do have one, but he is much too large to fit into the requested "shoe box size" box. So, tomorrow one of my tasks is to procure or figure out how to make a black bear. Or perhaps to get color ink for the printer so I can print a 2-D bear.

I told my mom tonight - I don't recall her participation in my dioramas execpt to find me 'yet another shoe box'. But its clear from looking at the projects (and often at the requirements) that parental participation is involved.



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