Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday afternoon "fun"

Well, I'm not sure any of us would really describe it as "fun", but at least it was more fun with all of us there...

You may wonder exactly what M and D are doing. They (actually all 4 of us) were stripping shelf paper off the pantry shelves. This is the latest step in the BATTLE AGAINST THE PANTRY MOTHS. Unfortunately the pantry moths are still suiciding into the traps, so they are coming from somewhere. ARRRRGGGGHHHH

I was dropping some stuff off at my mom's this morning while her bug man was there. We talked about the pantry moths. He suggested that the next step be to make up some "stronger than label" bug spray and spray the pantry thoroughly, let sit for a week, then repaint. So, I suppose getting some strong bug spray is my next step. Maybe, just maybe I'll have my pantry put back together in time for Christmas. Heavens, I'd better, as we're having company for Christmas and there's nothing like telling someone to go hunt through half a dozen plastic bins for an ingredient (that not even I really know where it is).



Blogger Scribbit said...

I've never heard of pantry moths but I'm getting the feeling that they're just not a good thing :)

3:56 AM  

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