Thursday, November 15, 2007


Thank goodness its almost Friday! This week has been extra busy with the teachers trying to get stuff in before Thanksgiving break. A had his diorama to create, along with a paragraph about black bears. And then an essay on what he is thankful for. A is still working on what topic sentences are supposed to be. He had one which said something like "I'm thankful for my parents because they feed me lasagna and toaster strudel and give me presents and a bed to sleep on." Yeah. We broke that up into several different sentences... It seems that A is thankful for parents, church and school. Sounds good to me.

M had to get up early this morning to finish typing his MATH assignment. Huh? Yes, he had to type up the answers to a 4 page math worksheet. He even figured out how to put a table in there on the computer. Then tomorrow morning he has to work some more on his book review. D read it tonight and left him a bunch of comments where he needs to work on things. So he'll be busy.

Then after tomorrow, we have some breathing space. The kids are off school all week next week. We can all sleep in and rest up for that final push before the next holiday. Of course, M needs to do some serious work on his science fair project during that week... It never ends.

A said he wished he only had to go to school one day a week. Then M calculated that it would then take roughly 3.5 years to finish one year of school at that rate. "And you would be 41.5 when you got out of high school!" (or whatever age he calculated)



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