Monday, January 21, 2008

A little bit of snow

On Friday, everyone was saying we would gets lots of snow on Saturday.  Yay!  Whoopee!  WOW!  Predictions were for 1-3 inches in our area. said it would snow all afternoon.  M was supposed to have a math tournament Sat morning, which D was also helping out at.  So, early Sat morning, D checked for messages to see if the tournament was still going on.  No messages, so we figured maybe they would just run the morning session and cancel the afternoon (tie-breakers and awards ceremony).  But no, they got up there at 7:30 only to find that the county had cancelled it.  So, they helped clean up a bit (and M got 2 donuts) and came home.

Meanwhile, we were settling in for snow-watch.  And sure enough, along about 11:30, it started snowing.  Big fluffy flakes.  Not sticking yet, as the ground had been a bit too warm recently, but lots of snow in the sky.  After a while, it was starting to accumulate on raised surfaces, so M and I went out for a bit of snow play.  We had a bit of a snowball fight and then thought about a snowman.  A snowball directly to my face (after we had announced a ceasefire), caused a break.

I thought we'd go inside, warm up, let some more snow accumulate.  After all, we now had about 1/4 inch and it was still coming down pretty hard.  An hour passed and hmmm, you could still clearly see where we had harvested the snow - in fact, you could see the under-surfaces quite clearly.  It was still snowing, and hard at times, but it had gotten very wet.  M and I eventually went back out and built a very small snowman (and got our gloves absolutely soaking wet).  Meanwhile, A was out playing in the snow with a friend.

I have photos, but Blogger isn't wanting to post them now.  I'll try again tomorrow.

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