Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things that rustle in the night

In our case it is cats. 2 cats, who, last night went rustling around over on my side of the bed. Woke us both up out of a sound sleep. I went over and shooed them away, but they came right back. Finally D shut them out of the bedroom, deciding he would rather "hear them paw at the door than rustle around over there".

So this morning one of my tasks was to try to figure out what in the world they were so interested in at 1:30am. I picked up my clothes from last night - nothing interesting there. I move aside a bag. Hmmm. What is that that Pounce is looking at? - almost looks like a piece of her fur. Wait.... it's not a tuft of fur, its more than that. It looks suspiciously like chipmunk. Shudder. While I went to go get some newspaper to pick it up with, it (and Pounce vanish). Joy. Now I have a piece of chipmunk tail somewhere in the house.

Now I know what I'm looking for - the rest of the chipmunk. And I found it just moments later.
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It had climbed under the edge of something. Note the lack of any fur on the tail - maybe its tail had been hanging out and that was all the cats could reach?

All I know is it was dead by that point and is now in the trash. But I still haven't found the missing tail. A "treat" for later, I suppose.



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